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We represent the 4th and 5th generation of concrete craftsman.

Caementum, LLC. is run by Lonnie and Mike Meridieth.

Caementum, LLC. is run by Lonnie and Mike Meridieth. Lonnie is the operations manager and runs the day to day field operations of the company. Mike is the general manager and runs the day to day business. We represent the 4th and 5th generation of concrete craftsman in our family.

Lonnie has over 30 years in the concrete industry starting as an apprentice on the Owens Illinois Glass tower in 1980. He has worked on numerous high profile jobs as a foreman, union steward and superintendant. Lonnie has been contracting on his own since 1988 and his reputation of getting the job done on time on budget and safely is well known in the industry.

Mike has been involved with concrete since a young age working with his father and Lonnie as a laborer, and cement mason while taking business classes. He has been operating his own business and estimating/project managing since 2001. Mike is very forward thinking and combines aggressive business practices with a progressive approach to the ever changing industry.

Caementum prides itself on being only as good as the people we employ and we believe we only employ only the finest craftsmen. We are proud to have a partnership with the Cement Masons Local 886 and work hand in hand with Local 886’s leaders to continue to be able to provide a premium product.

We believe that we provide the right team to provide customers with a high quality product at a fair price, while meeting even the most aggressive schedules. From conception to construction Caementum will provide its customers with the highest quality service and product.